Date: 2018.12.20 (Mon)  CaPA meeting 19:00〜21:00
Place: 東京ウィメンズプラザ第2会議室B (渋谷区神宮5-53-67, Jingu , Shibuya)

Theme : 現代の論点整理 (The youth annd The elderly, What do they face each other?)
    It is said that the relationship between 「We」and 「Us」is considered to be worse. We will
    try to think specifically what we can be taken to get rid of it, this time and the next. Besides
    arguing with each other's posiotion, we want try to think what the point at issue is. We ask
    Mr.Matsuoka(松岡宏. the the representative of an aged person)to know the difference.
A lecturer : 松岡 宏
     (合意形成マネジメント協会 監事)     
Outline: I was born in 1945, and turned 73 years old on March this year. I have lived through the
    confusion after the World War Ⅱ. I participated in this meeting as representatives of the
    elderly. I will show the topic in the following.
    1. The person in his twenties-thieteens and The person in his late sixties and seventies lived
      in very different ages. I think that it will have a big influence on an aged person.
    2. There is a generation gap there but it may be only a surface impresion. What is anything
      the matter in those circumstances?
    3. I feel a policy that is unconcerend with other nations' issues and the individualism to the
      exclusion of others are alike. What is a task that consensus building faces in this
Seating capacity : 15
Cost to attend : All members admitted free, The other person ¥500
Eventologist : NPO CaPA

Persons who can attend should contact us by 12.17(Mon)
Please send your name, affiliation and email adress by email. Apply here.
Please note that the maximum number of participants is 15 so register soon.
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The 17th CaPA meeting will be held.

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Hiroko.H (The chairman of the board of directors) appeared as a guest on Bay FM radio『 金つぶ 』.
『 “See the issue of olympics logo from the perspective of consensus agreement!
  Do you think there are better judgement system to get people's understanding?
  What do you do when you have a clash of opinions in your group, workplace or area that you live in? 』
Hiroko.H (The chairman of the board of directors) made a guest appearance on the show 『 週末 ニュース深読み 』 on NHK Channel(NHK総合毎週土曜日午前8:15から放送.).  http://www.nhk.or.jp/fukayomi/maru/2015/150912.html
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 「Capa booklet〜how you build consensus」has issued. It show you the way of "better agreement" through our work experience.

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CaPA Column

「Information disclosure in times of disaster」  

〜The case of accident in the nuclear reactor〜

                by Tetsuya Maruo

"Why consensus building is needed"
Fukushima nuclear power plant was damaged by giant earthquake in 11,March,2011. People who lived near Fukushima nuclear power plant had to get out of their land that is in danger of considerable radioactive contamination. Recently, return of refugees has begun to be studied. However, if refugees could return to their land, uneasiness is still there. Is that decision safety for the future? They have to return to their land, rebuild  the industry with uneasiness.
  No matter how capable people are, nobody knows the future. I think that people has been questioned which risk you chose, risk for the waiting or risk for the changing.
「Social agreement」
  I affirm the importance of social agreement, because official responsibility will be on our own head anyway. In the present,  the disadvantage of making agreement or discussion is larger. Many people say their opinion with using internet. Government policy about the way of agreement has been  revised by degrees.
    The teaching of Confucius(儒教)「the 5 Confucian virtues」
    (benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and sincerity)
    I think 「sincerity」is more important in the 5th. " I belive you, not demand to be believed by you." A feeling of trust in someone is needed in society. It's  in collusion with the fields of social agreement.

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