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A town planning decision was made by only some experts like administrative officer or consultants on their table. It has been changed. The citizens who live in has started to join the city conference. Now, the conference such cases is spread throughout the fields of local environmental conservation, public welfare undertaking, and so on. 

However, a citizen who takes an active role in the conference and someone who plans social events as a profession (administrative officer or consultants) has same questions. " Is our views reflected truly?" "Is the decision made by some insistence?"

On the other hand, If they had next conference, they find a producton that made in previous discussions was changed. They see the fact that did not put a plan into effect.

We receive such a voice, we started to research and study how build consensus in 2001. We set up a not-for-profit organization, "Consensus building and Process management Association(CaPA)" in 2002.

All sorts of people has joined in CaPA, local activity leader, consultant, administrative officer, a scholar or student, an office worker interested social business and so on. Each members is confronted with many difficulties in the field of consensus building.

CaPA work with these various people to study each problem to be solved and promote better social negotiation and build consensus. Past our major activities is as follows.  

○Meeting consensus building study(once a month)

○A lecture meeting, a symposium, workshop (as to build consensus)

○Human resources development to more better build consensus, Various training. ex.training in College of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, each municipality, junior high school(consensus lesson)and university

○A book and booklet as to build consensus, run a serial in13 times(2003~2004) in『土木施工(Dobokuseko)』(a publisher;山海堂)「 Social consensus building Lead New Era Public Works」『The way to be better consensus』(2010年)  

○Practical activities ex. planning and management of Kisogawa river dialogue Meeting between administration and the local citizens.

CaPA today research activities that deal with reconstruction of Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011); Sendai earthquake, unprecedented damage to a vast extent of land. We would like to contibute to reconstruction and rebuild of the earthquake and society by a product of much research. We look forward to your entries and approbation.。HirokoHyakutake


Consensus building and Process management Association

The chairman of the board of directors. 

Hiroko Hyakutake, 百武ひろ子



Our History

July,21 2001 Started consensus building conference

November,16 2002 Established Consensus building And Process management Association

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